Friday, 18 April 2014

Mid Life Crisis

I spent my 55th Birthday quad biking in the Sinai desert, it was one of the best Birthday treats I’ve ever been given. It was great fun and I really enjoyed it, not so much of a mid-life crisis thing to do - I’m way past the middle of my life - it was more like one more thing done from my “bucket list”.  Along with creating the gym that I’ve always wanted, being a gym owner and making the house that I’ve always wanted to live in, the last 6 months since I gave up competing have been quite successful in ticking things off of that list. In fact what with all of my coaching protégés doing so well another thing will be soon gone from the list and I’ll be looking for another challenge. Several people have recently dropped hints about competing again for one of the federations that now have an “Over 55’s” category and my supplements sponsor LA Muscle have said that they are fully behind me if I decide to do it which makes it's very tempting but I’m really not considering it seriously…………. well not yet anyway.