Tuesday, 30 October 2012

This is England

So, after my last blog, it transpired that on Saturday just gone Barney Duplessis (pictured) walked out of the UKBFF and entered the NABBA Mr. England, he won his class and also the overall!  This came as no surprise to a lot of people and we were all extremely pleased for him.  I just wonder what repercussions there will be for British bodybuilding from his actions, only time will tell.  On a smaller scale, prep is going well for Sunday's British Open which I will try to win for a second time.  I have to say though that my focus has been more on prepping Natalie and it shows because she looks great.  In 3 months she has changed from gym rat into serious competitor.  She is totally drug free but as all the drug free shows are over for the year we decided to throw her in very much at the deep end, a British open for your first show is outrageous but she wouldn't be there if I didn't think she looked good enough.  She does; in fact she looks amazing and I will post contest pics on here next week!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

One week

Although it's been 7 days now the complaints about last weekend's show grow louder every day.  One last thing that I will say is that it is the general opinion that Barney Duplessis was the man who got the roughest deal and I agree.  Barney competed with me in my first show, I was impressed then because he looked great but last weekend he was nothing short of awesome.....and they placed him 4th!?  It's time to draw a line now and forget it, tomorrow is the NABBA England, I placed 4th last year but I'm not competing tomorrow, instead I will do the NAC British Open next Sunday, along with my protege Natalie who will compete in her first show. Finally, here are Colby and Lilybelle in the Halloween outfits that Granddad bought them this week!

Monday, 22 October 2012

UKBFF British final 2012 (2)

This years UKBFF British finals was the biggest ever, but walking around talking to everyone as I always do at shows it became very clear that there were also more complaints than ever this year. Complaints about the organisation, the format, even the DJ who messed up so many people's routines. But most of all it was the judging and "political agendas" that people were unhappy with, even the overall was controversial. My advice is get over it, I have, it's history now. I won't even complain about the soft porn bikini classes (yes they have 2 now!) that have no place at a bodybuilding show. Instead, I am delighted to say that I had 5 friends who all won British titles. Nina Ross (pictured) set a whole new standard in the Bodyfitness, Jack Stokely is massive and won the juniors, Joel Wright won the 70 kilos looking immense, Ricardo Correa won the 90 kilos and should have won the overall and  Daz Ball finally won the super heavies, long overdue, well done big fella!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

UKBFF British final 2012

Well despite being in the biggest and best condition of my career I only placed 7th in the UKBFF British finals. Looking around in the pump up area I felt that I would place 3rd, was certain that I was in the top 3 at least, and everyone else thought so too but it wasn't to be. There is a theory that certain people were upset by the honesty of my much watched documentary and that I would be made to pay for being so honest. I don't necessarily subscribe to  that, but that was always a risk that I was prepared to take. This year I have achieved an all time record of upsetting people by telling the truth and next year I will try even harder to do exactly the same. The highlight of the weekend so far has been  meeting one of my bodybuilding idols, Shawn Ray.  Spending 10 precious minutes shooting the breeze with one of the all time greats was both surreal and highly educational.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Sometimes I watch the news with a sense of incredulity. Today I hear about a policeman who tasered a blind man because he thought his white stick was a Samurai sword, disgusting; and the Serbian FA refusing to take the blame for the blatantly racist way that Dany Rose was treated last night. Danny is a lovely bloke and he is much loved by us Tottenham fans, I hope that the Serbians are booted out of the competition.  Meanwhile little old me is looking forward to a really tough long weekend at the British finals, I'm in better shape than my last show, my winners pictures from that day, by Adrian Woolley, will be added to the gallery soon, meanwhile here's one of them.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Fight For The Right

A great night of British boxing on Saturday. James DeGale worked hard for his victory and then revealed he had been doing 15 15 sprint training for his fitness, a very tough modern version of lamp post training that I was doing 30 years ago! Chris Eubank also progressed well on his journey, but I wish that people would stop calling him "Junior". Although I doubt that he will ever be as good as his Dad was he is a boxer in his own right. The big fella David Price, after retiring the joke that is Audrey Harrison, is now going to fight Matt Skelton. Matt is a local hero around these parts, I've met him many times, he's a nice bloke and I will go and cheer him on but my money will be on Price, who will in time have a great title shot against one of the Klitschko's. Finally, had a great workout with Amrit on Saturday, he is already having a productive off season and I always enjoy working with him. He has invited me to his parents home for an authentic home made curry as soon as I've finished dieting, I confidently predict that will win "best meal of the year" this year!  

Friday, 12 October 2012

Where Does The Time Go?

There are actually some good things about intensive show prep.  One of them is that as I spend so many hours doing boring low intensity cardio on my recumbent bike in my conservatory at home, I can catch up on all the recent TV that I've missed.  I have LG HD TV's in every room of the house not as an indulgence but because it can be useful. So I am happy to see that Charlie Sheen, my hero, is doing really well with his excellent new series "Anger Management" whilst the once great but now pitiful and woeful "Two and a Half Men" dies an embarrassing slow, painful death without him. Also, well done Sky Atlantic, "The British" is an excellent series, well apart from that fat, bald, Irishman Terry Wogan popping up a couple of times to talk nonsense. Finally, today was the best day of the week as I spent most of it with Natalie and Colby.  He will be three years old tomorrow, where does the time go?  Here is my gorgeous baby Grandson with his Birthday present from Granddad, a spiderman motor bike and crash helmet!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Glad All Over

There's nothing like winning a show to make you feel good about everything but right now I am on top of the world for a few other reasons too. First of all my lower back is pain free for the first time this year thanks to my Physio Alan Dryer (I will resist the obvious "pain in the arse for 5 months" joke that you are all making up right now). Secondly, Natalie Mayling will compete in her first show in less than 4 weeks, her progress has been phenomenal. And finally because Adrian Wooley, a really good photographer http://www.ajsphotos.com/  did some great pics of me when I came off stage on Sunday which showed that my condition was pretty good after all. It will need to be better for the finals though, this year only the top 6 in the UK will make it through to the Sunday show which means that with me now at 53, in a year when the standard and quality has gone through the roof, I have to at least match my best ever showing just to get through to the Sunday, something that I have never failed to do before.  Bring it on, I never back down!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Let's go round again

So after spending almost a year saying that I would never compete again and after just   four weeks of preparation, yesterday I won my division at the UKBFF Midlands show and qualified for my fourth consecutive British final. I dried out quite well in the end and weighed in at 17 stone 4 lbs which I was pleased with, I'll post a pic when I have one. It's all about condition though and I might even go into the finals at under 17 stone in a bid to be as shredded as possible. That means that after just one recovery meal yesterday I'm straight back on the diet getting ready for October 20th when I will try to improve on last years 6th place. No rest etc as the saying goes but right now I'm the happiest that I've been all year and I'm enjoying life.  Now, have a look at the new special feature http://www.kevanwilson.com/NotaSocialEvent.pdf 
although it is a bit of a rant I actually wrote it on my Ipad whilst sitting around a pool in Egypt with a long cold drink, was that really only just over a month ago?

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hot Legs

At the last minute (as usual) the legs have decided that they will join in with the whole "get shredded" thing. This is due to a combination of thermogenic leg training and a change to the way that I am drying out. As I'm nowhere near as ripped as usual I've had to do a few things differently this time, no diuretics but extra Vitamin C and I also found a pack of dandelion root tablets in my kitchen, which I don't even remember buying, so I have been swallowing those regularly too. I have another 24 hours to dry out and I'm not carbing up except for a few bananas today and a chicken biryani tonight.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow now, I think that I might have half a chance of getting my 4th consecutive Britain qualification and for the first time my gorgeous Daughter Natalie will be coming to watch her Dad compete so I really want to make her proud.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Need a little time

OK let's be brutally honest as usual, I'm not going to be anywhere near my best for Sunday, this picture proves that.  So here's the plan, cardio up to and including Friday morning, diet up to and including Saturday night, no carb up and just work hard enough on stage on Sunday to at least qualify for my 4th consecutive UKBFF British final.  I don't expect to win, the quality and standard these days is far too high for anyone that hasn't dieted for longer than 4 weeks to win a regional title. Eddie always said that I could do it in 6 weeks though as I'm reasonably lean all year round so if I can just get through Sunday then I have 2 more weeks and by that time the real me should be on stage.  Finally, a quick mention about Stoptober, which is a 28 day "quit smoking" challenge.  Smoking is a disgusting habit that makes your teeth black, your breath stink and damages your whole body, it also killed my Mum.  If you are a smoker then take up the challenge and stop!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Funky Cold Medina(h)

The UKBFF show at Leamington Spa yesterday was of the highest quality as usual.  Sean didn't place in the top four this time but he did look the best he has ever looked in his life so he couldn't do more than that and now, with his first season complete, we start the work for next year.  My good friend Richie Goodwin (pictured) placed second in an incredibly close under 80 kilos division, the winner was impressive though as was Joel Wright who won the under 70 kilos, he weighed "a buck and half" as the Americans would say yet looked like a monster which proves that what the scales say really means nothing at all, I wish that more people would realise that. Finally, talking of Americans, how must they be feeling today after a Ryder cup comeback by Europe that had "Seve" written all over it.  I'm sure that he is still smiling up in heaven.