Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bank Robber

I've spent the last few days in Edinburgh again, I really enjoy it there and the people at pure gym were incredibly respectful this time for some reason! The national obesity problem is as bad in Scotland as anywhere, in fact its possibly worse, look at the pic, that might be something to do with it? I've been on BBC TV over the last couple of days, nothing to do with bodybuilding this time, instead it was a show called "Britain's empty homes - revisited" and was about a property that I recently bought and developed into a family home. It's still available on the BBC i player and it proves that I do find other things to do than bodybuilding related stuff!  Finally, how can it be that RBS, who we the taxpayers own, can post losses of £5.2 BILLION yet still pay out over £600 million in bonuses?  Aren't bonuses supposed to be paid when companies actually make money? Or am I missing something here?

Monday, 25 February 2013

New Life

Well the refurb of the house is all complete now. The new spa room with its 300 litre, 2 person jacuzzi is amazing but the new dressing room is great too. The mirrored walls in there have my favourite Arnie saying stencilled on them "the worst thing I could be is the same as everyone else, I'd hate that", it's appropriate to say the least. Lilybelle and I finished the nursery on her sleepover night, she is so proud of her animal stencils as you can see.  You know, about this time last year I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life, since then I have changed so many things. I've kept the good parts, added some amazing things and I've dumped the bad stuff, nowadays life is infinitely better.  What does that song say again?  "Make That Change"  Finally, I only came back from Tunisia 8 weeks ago but already I'm fed up with this cold weather, time for some warm weather training soon I think.

Friday, 22 February 2013

About A Boy

As it's half term I finally got to spend a day with Caden all to myself on Monday so we went to Willows Farm in St. Albans, near where I used to live.  We have always had one day a week just to ourselves but ever since he started "big school" last September those days have been few and far between and I have missed them so much.  He is 5 now but so grown up, I love him dearly and I am incredibly proud of him, the way he is growing up is just a beautiful thing to be part of.  I have had some nice comments about the new theme music that plays over the website homepage, well, it is chosen for a reason.  I truly believe that if you want to make anyone else's life better you have to make sure that your own one is sorted out first.  So look in the mirror, fix whatever needs fixing and then you can make the world a better place and make that change!  Perhaps that bitch that was so nasty about Kate Middleton could learn something from that.

Monday, 18 February 2013


I've had some surprisingly nice feedback from the latest special feature  I say surprising because it is written in a way that I would not expect it to win me many friends but as I always say, I would rather be honest than popular.  I wrote it because so many people ask me about competing so please take a look for yourself and see what you think.  I was very pleased to have 3 pictures in the latest edition of "The Beef" as it might be the last time that I appear in there.  I'll make a decision about doing yet another British final when I have to but at the moment I am really enjoying an off season lifestyle, eating clean about 90% of the time and training hard but only as hard as my body is telling me it wants to be pushed and I will have to be honest with myself about whether or not I want to go through a show diet and prep phase again. Finally, for some reason YouTube made all of my videos "private" last week, this has been fixed and they are now all viewable again.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Better Than Before

The rugby on Saturday was great. England beat up Ireland in their own back yard which was awesome. I can already see comparisons between this side and the 2003 World Cup Winners.  Robshaw is a Martin Johnson in the making, Owen Farrell will soon be the new Jonny Wilkinson and some others are filling crucial roles too.  On the bodybuilding front, after being let down by certain people last year I have decided that I won't be coaching anyone for competition this year.  Instead I will continue to work exclusively with people that wish to improve their physiques and their lifestyles in general.  It's far more rewarding and I already have some lovely success stories from this year which I will talk about in due course when my proteges are happy for me to do so.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pure And Simple

Greetings from rainy Scotland! Im in Edinburgh coaching at the moment. I've done some very useful work with Sonny Lama who is looking exactly as an off season 70 kilo bodybuilder should, he's 80 kilos solid and currently weighing up his competition options for this year. I've also done some exceptional work with a newbie called Stephanie who is making amazing progress and will look like a super model by the summer. Not for the first time I've upset a few PT's, this time at pure gym here in Edinburgh. I don't ever look for trouble but I never need asking twice either, so when some skinny idiot PT tries to show me how clever they are they will soon regret it. Most PT's in "budget chain gyms" have simply passed an exam that a trained monkey could pass, they then get a silly costume, a shiny name badge and work for minimum wage, they could get the same working for McDonalds!  Anyway, apart from that, it's great here and the people are lovely. Im flying home in a few hours for the best part of the week, Lilybelle's sleepover night!

Friday, 1 February 2013

The Perfect Year

Today I did some work at The Nuffield Health Gym in Cambridge with my friend Kylie Farmer, sometimes it's good to go to these "leisure centre" gyms and it was nice to be recognised from the TV shows by the staff!  As well as coaching "newbies" all over the country I'm currently in negotiation to do the same thing for TV later this year too, details to follow in due course. Also, I have an exciting new clothing sponsor, again details to follow. On the domestic front plans are well underway for my son Steve and his fiancee Amy's wedding later this year.  It will be expensive but worth every penny although my personal view on marriage is that it's easier to just buy a house and give it to someone that you don't like! Cynical? Moi?  Talking about expensive things next week my new Spa bathroom suite is being fitted and then my "new" house will be complete, I can't wait.  Finally, many thanks to my good friend Paul Kemal for this hilarious pic!