Monday, 31 October 2011

Show pics and vids!

The video and photos from the UKBFF British finals arrived today, a big thank you to Eric Guy for getting them to me so quickly.  Here's my side tricep pose, a lot of people say it's my best pose and it is probably my favourite one.  I have uploaded the video to YouTube, here’s the link,     The photos from both this show and the NABBA England will be uploaded to the gallery when Steve gets five minutes to spare. In the meantime you can see them by looking on my facebook page.  Having reviewed the photos and video I can see why some people said that I should have placed 3rd at Nottingham but I can also see why I placed 6th, like I always say take a look and decide for yourself, but I must say that I have no complaints with the judging at either of my last two shows.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The morning after

I always enjoy the day after a big show because everyone always gets in touch to say well done. On Monday evening I was delighted to hear from, among others, my old protege Marc, he has had a year off from competing to bulk up and as he can't get to Gold's to train with me he will now be coached for competitions by my good friend and "Body Shack" owner Tommo, which means that he will come back better than ever next season. The other great thing, apart from the obvious 24 hour food slaughter, is seeing the Grandchildren again. I spent time with them all yesterday, and had Lilybelle for the morning. Here is my Princess, almost 2 years old and learning to read already, just like her Dad did at that age.

Monday, 24 October 2011

The big weekend!

Yesterday I placed 6th in the UKBFF British finals. This was my highest ever placing at this event and it was against, without doubt, the best quality opposition I have ever faced. Afterwards, a lot of people told me that they had me 3rd which was incredibly flattering as the winner and second, Oscar Roberts and Vince Wedderburn, were in a different league to the rest of us. Pictures will follow soon but here's one from the NABBA England a week before. Martin placed second, but should have won, in the NPA British finals. Danny didn't place as he wasn't quite ready but he did learn a lesson that will serve him well for the rest of his career, I know that he will respond positively and come back better than ever next year.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

One in ten

It's an accepted fact that 9 out 10 bodybuilders will never compete simply because they can't do the diet, cardio and other show prep. So anyone that can make it to a British final in their first year deserves a lot of respect.  Danny has acheived that, and when you consider that he is only 20 and I did my first show and first British final at 50 you again have to realise just what he has accomplished. Yes he has struggled to make it for this Sunday but as you can see from the photo he will make it, just. British finals are a huge step up in class, when I won my first regional title I used a song called "Stop And Stare" for my free posing, but when I got to the finals that's exactly what I did, stopped and stared!  Martin, Danny & I are all almost ready, and looking forward to our respective British finals this weekend.

Monday, 17 October 2011

No complaints

Yesterdays NABBA Mr. England was an excellent show, the quality of the competitors in all classes was astonishing and I was priveleged to be a part of it. I placed 4th and although I have today found out that some of the judges placed me 3rd I have no complaints. The winner was Dave Steele, who has won several Mr.Britain titles, in fact the top 3 had 9 British titles between them so I was pleased to push them as hard as I did.  As you can see from the picture, taken cold on Sunday morning, my condition was spot on and it will be even better for this weekends UKBFF Mr. Britain. Tomorrow will be my penultimate look at Danny so I'm hoping that I will have good things to report as his show is also this weekend.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Ready early!

Preparation for Nottingham has been going very well over the last few weeks, so much so that I am ready a week early and, as this is the case, I will now do an extra show and tomorrow try to win the NABBA Mr. England title at Brierly Hill in the West Midlands. It's incredible to think that exactly 2 months ago I was in a hospital bed after the return of my tummy problems, wondering whether or not I would ever compete again. When I came out of hospital I knew that I would need a whole new level of determination, combine that with the fact that this is my last year of competition and you can imagine just how much dedication I have had, let's hope it's reflected in tomorrows result! Danny is still touch and go for the NPA Britain, I'll get an up to date pic of him on here if I can so that you can decide if he's going to make it. Meanwhile, here's Caden on our shopping trip, the other one isn't me!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

That's entertainment?

This close to a show I tend to be quite tired from dieting so that results in me relaxing in front of the TV quite a bit. "Spooks" is as good as ever and "Strike back project dawn" is excellent. "TOWIE" is hilarious but "New two and a half men" is absolute rubbish, they are using recycled actors & actresses who have previously played other characters, the same old scenes and story lines and even recycled jokes, "add to cart" has been used several times and isn't even funny. This was once the best thing on TV, now it needs to be shot and put out of it's misery. Tomorrow is shopping day with Natalie & the boys for Colby's birthday which will be great, Caden is more fun than ever lately, this is from our trip to Willen Lake the other day

Sunday, 9 October 2011

La la la la life goes on

So the rugby world cup for England is over, and if I'm honest, all the support in the world wouldn't have got us past France yesterday. Time to re build for the next one now, that means pensioning off those that won't be about in 4 years and also getting a new coach.  I like Jonno but we need a Southern Hemisphere coach to fulfil our potential, just like Wales have. Paul Mcartney 69, has married a 51 year old, how ridiculous, he should have gone for someone much younger, for me there has to be a minimum age gap of 20 years. Finally, Caden came to stay on Friday and promptly disappeared, here's how I found him, in my bed, with my iphone, playing "Angry Birds"!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Making the most of it

Woke up to hear the sad news this morning that Steve Jobs had died.  Here is a man who had everything that he could possibly want and more money than he could ever spend, now he's just the richest guy in the cemetery. It won't happen to me I assure you, in just one month's time 6 days a week in the gym will turn into 3 days a week, thus giving me time to enjoy life at last. I'm making the most of the prep for these last shows and my legs are coming through so well that even Eddie Abbew, who taught me that "legs win shows" would be pleased (probably).  Danny is also back on track but will need to stay on a very strict diet right up until the show.  Martin is of course ready as usual, I'll see if I can get a pic of all three of us posing together on here sometime.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Why love a loser?

It's been a great weekend for sport, the highlight of course being Tottenham's win over Arsenal this afternoon. Even the most stubborn of Arsenal supporters would now admit that the balance of power has shifted in North London, it's about time too! Yesterdays Rugby result was also excellent, although it seems that every England win has to be soured by the media.  I don't mind the "has beens" like Dalaglio and Fitzpatrick having an opinion, I belive that they have earned the right to give their views publicly, but an idiot like Steve Rider, who has never even played the game should just shut up and go back to appearing in knitting patterns, or whatever he does for a full time job.  Sadly, as Clint Eastwood said, opinions are like assholes, everbody's got one. Apparently yesterday England were crap and Scotland were brilliant and heroic, so why did England win then?  Just for once can people please get behind the national team!