Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Excellent feedback from yesterdays post! Can I say though, for the umpteenth time, that it's the athlete that does the work and the diet so they get all of the credit. As a coach I just guide people, they do the hard bit so they deserve all of the praise. In other news, today I was visited by 8 year old Harry, who I have known and loved since he was a baby.  He's grown into an amazing young man and he wants to learn to box, so today I gave him his first lesson.  It's 40 years since my first boxing lesson but as soon as I did the basics like "what hand do you write with?" and "stand like you're holding a rifle" it all came flooding back like it was yesterday, ah happy memories.  Harry was excellent, he means the world to me and we'll do more work together soon.  Finally, have a look at this from my friends at The Supplement Centre, not just because 13 of the items were written by me but because it is hugely entertaining whilst being highly informative  I enjoy working with the The Supplement Centre and recommend that you check out their entire website.