Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Greetings from sunny Tunisia! I always recommend to people to get a weeks winter sunshine, it sets you up nicely for next season. It also gives you a chance to sit back and review everything so that you can make plans for the New Year. I am doing that in between writing chapters of my new book. There is a terrible picture of me in the latest edition of "The Beef" from the Midlands championships, hopefully you won't notice that, although I did get a very nice mention in the UKBFF British finals review. I'm heading home soon as next season starts for me on 1.1.13  Hmm, 113, that was my number in this years British finals, lets hope it's an omen

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Mistletoe And Wine

So how was it for you?  Christmas I mean of course.  Mine was spent simply spending time with all the people that I love the most and it was absolutely brilliant as usual, many thanks to everyone that was part of it.  I think that this picture, of Caden patiently waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve, sums up Christmas to me, it's a magical time of the year if you want it to be and if you are with someone that you love.  I have been informed that the new documentary "One year on" will be shown on the Community channel (Sky 539 / Freeview 87) on Monday January 7th at 8.30 p.m.  It's on YouTube now and the nice feedback has already started, even though I had 'flu for the entire length of the filming.  I'm sure that the handful of people that slag me off on Facebook will find something negative to say about it but I just wish that any of these spineless "internet warriors" would say it to my face! 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Thunder In The Mountains

I was absolutely gutted to hear that my top protege Sonny Lama has had his show cancelled.  He was literally just days away from competing in the Mr. Himalayas show and it is has been called off because of the troubles in that part of the world.  I will do a before and after picture of Sonny and post it when I can but his drug free transformation this year has been impressive to say the least.  I have just finished a new special feature called 2012 and Steve will upload it soon.  The points made in it are blunt, as you would expect from me, and it's not laughs all the way through, but then again, that's just like life sometimes isn't it?  OK, I have lots of busy times with loved ones ahead,  so I will wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

What's Another Year

This time of year is always good for reflection and I am currently writing a new special feature reviewing 2012. I have made literally thousands of new friends this year thanks to the Community Channel and YouTube and so many have already sent me nice Christmas emails and I have sent kind replies to all of course. Yes I have had 2 people shamelessly use me and let me down badly his year too; as I always say, if you lay down with dogs you will catch fleas.  However, anyone who knows me will know that I have already forgiven both people unconditionally because Jesus taught and practiced forgiveness so I do the same. Some nice people do more than just email me though, and this was very nice to receive from someone that I have given some help to over this last year 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Looking After Number One

Great to see England smash India at cricket even though India tried their best to cheat, I've experienced someone who is part Indian trying to cheat much closer to home lately but that's a whole different story.  As the end of the year approaches I am trying to make more time for myself and have an overdue holiday so I have wound up all of my coaching committments except for one protege, Sonny Lama, who may well prove to be the best of this years crop when he competes in the Mr. Himalayas contest on January 3rd. I have a huge amount of respect for drug free bodybuilders like Sonny who enter shows against steroid users and I think that he will do well.  Finally, I want to buy a new car so I looked at an Audi Q7 on Saturday, but the salesman recognised me so we talked about bodybuilding more than the car!  Not sure if I'll get the Q7, I'm still looking around for something more unique and iconic, any suggestions?

Thursday, 13 December 2012

New Documentary Update

Ok I've had enough of this freezing weather already, where are the holiday brochures? Now, the new documentary "One year on" has been edited down to 22 minutes for a TV slot on the Community channel.  There is so much that we couldn't fit in but they are doing a YouTube version that will be much longer, I will let you know when that is available.  However, loyal readers, instead of waiting until January you can see the TV edit right now with this link  I did have the flu at the time so I don't look at my best, or maybe it was the stress of a long(ish) term relationship this year that has aged me so much?  Either way, I hope that you enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback emails.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Our House

I must admit that I do love this time of the year, although I do miss having someone to share it all with.  Training is just three times a week, food is back to normal eating and I finally get to sort out all of the things that I've been meaning to do at home.  Today I have a beautiful new dressing room being fitted, then the room is being totally redecorated as most of it is covered in fake tan overspray! Also I get to take Christmas presents to all of the people that I love, all are shamelessly spoilt because that's what I like to do. None more than the Grandchildren though, here's is Lilybelles Christmas present, it's OK she doesn't read this! It's not the first time I have bought a car for someone that I love and hopefully not the last!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Sign Of The Times

Well thanks to a Lemsip drip feed and various other cold and 'flu remedies I'm still alive and kicking and even managed some light training yesterday & today. Best 3 recent emails:- one asking for a copy of my birth certificate to prove my age - thank you! I will definitely do that! One asking if I'm doing a calendar for 2013 - I hope that was a joke?  And one saying that I should try to use movie titles for the blog titles - very challenging, erm, don't hold your breath.  Lily stayed last night and insisted on sleeping in Granddads bed whilst fidgeting all night long so I got virtually no sleep and tomorrow I have Colby (pictured) and Caden staying, so that should leave me completely, yet happily, wiped out for the remainder of the weekend!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Well the cold has now turned into full blown man 'flu and clearly I am not much longer for this world.  Obviously now all I can do is hope for a miracle!  On a serious note though, the news about the new Royal baby is wonderful, as is any news about someone who is going to bring life into this world, and it has once again made me incredibly broody.  I've never been one to live life with regrets but I have to say that if I could change anything it would be that I would love to be a Dad again, I suppose that's why I'm so close to my Grandchildren. All I know is that there is nothing better in the whole world than having a baby to cuddle every night.  Finally, although I'm a music lover (as you have probably worked out from the blog titles) I rarely comment on new music, but I'm sure that "Different" by Robbie Williams is going to be a massive hit that will stand the test of time.

Monday, 3 December 2012

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I can't believe that it's December already and that soon it will be Christmas again, where did the year go?  We finished the filming for the second documentary yesterday, there's a very brief trailer on YouTube, here's the link but I have to say that I have had a stinking cold for a few days so I don't look at my best!
I'm taking a few days off now that everything is finished for the year so that I can get better. Today I put the garden furniture back in the garage with the Aston Martin for the winter, this time of year always depresses me. Fortunately, to cheer me up I know that it will soon be time for some winter sunshine and also that I can keep on re watching the awesome England rugby match from Saturday.  Most of all I get to spend more time with the babies, Lily loves her cuddle off to sleep at bedtime, here she is from the other evening.