Monday, 29 July 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

To those that have asked about my eye surgery I'm pleased to report that the lens replacement was a great success and that my vision is now better than it has ever been in my whole life! My "internal vision" is better than ever before too.  When I was using steroids in my show prep I always made allowances for people as I felt that the steroids may have clouded my judgement about things but now I have been drug free for 9 months I realise that I shouldn't have bothered and that I have wasted a lot of time and effort on a few people around here that I would have been better off avoiding.  Now that I can see everything for what it really is I will be making some major life changes at the end of this season including moving away to be nearer to my old friends, but at the same time I will stay near enough to still see the people here that I have become very close to over the last 5 years.  I'm really looking forward to it.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Losing My Religion

In answer to the feedback from my last blog. 1. Religion is a personal choice, nobody should force their views on anyone. 2. Yes I know it's supposed to be the brides father that pays but he wouldn't, so............  3. I wasn't offended by the badge, although it seems that all of you were.  Now, to wrap up the wedding here's a picture of the happy family, needless to say, my Princess Lilybelle stole the show as usual. So now off season is finished for me and I can get back to competition bodybuilding as I have a Midlands title to defend on September 22nd and the preliminary show prep plan is now in action with the hard dieting starting in a few days.  It feels good to be back doing what I do best, this year I am going to be so ripped you will be able to see my heart beating through my chest and my lungs breathing through my back!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

White Wedding

Yesterday saw the wedding of my son Steve to his long time fiancee Amy, at Stowe Gardens in Buckingham.  It was a non church ceremony which I was pleased about as God and I ended our relationship some time ago, we are getting along fine without each other so I wouldn't have been comfortable in a church.  Also we had name badges instead of place cards at the dinner table which was a bit different.  Steve made a very impressive groom, I'll put up a picture as soon as I have one.  I have always been incredibly proud of my son and was moved by his tribute to me in his speech. This wedding actually cost me more than Natalie's "Princess Fairytale" or "waste of £20,000" as I call it, back in 2008, a fact duly acknowledged at least by Steve and also by my name badge. 

Saturday, 13 July 2013


Sarah Clements contacted me in 2012 and told me that she had suffered a debilitating illness caused by radiation emissions from an aerial mast near her home. She had been unwell for 20 years and during that time doctors were no help at all, branding her a hypochondriac.  Although she had long since moved away from the mast the damage had been done and had lead to several health issues, most notably the onset of anorexia which was exacerbated by her trying to deal with various stress issues alone, as nobody would help. Over the course of about a year we changed many things in her life and as you can see the results are staggering. Sarah did all of the work so she gets all of the credit, all I did was advise her on diet and exercise whilst helping her with motivation to change her life and prove those that doubted her to be wrong.  Sarah and I have never actually met in person but I am incredibly proud of her and what she has achieved and I have no doubt that many people will find her story inspirational

Monday, 8 July 2013

Get Together

Another hectic week was rounded off by another very busy but excellent weekend. On Sunday it was good to see lots of old friends at the UKBFF Bedford show and I also had good chats with Daz Ball, Cecil Croasdale and Terry Hollands among others.  I also spoke to my coach Eddie about this years show prep and we will be getting together again very soon, I have mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation!  Best of all though, on Saturday I caught up with one of my best and longest known friends, Angus Seewraj.  We started training together almost 25 years ago, Angus is a natural strong man and he supervised my inital leg training.  I can still remember how much it hurt but we have been good mates ever since! Here's how we looked years ago when we trained in a giant shed in Hatfield.  Seriously, we honestly did!