Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Tuesday 31st August

Have you seen that film "300"? I love that movie and I've devised a quads workout that I call 300. It involves 20 sets of 15 reps (=300!) of the hardest leg exercises possible, all done with maximum weight, to maximum depth and must be completed in less than 1 hour. Throwing up in the drain in the car park afterwards is not obligatory but I usually do. It means that you are confined to sitting down for the rest of the day, hence me sitting here writing this! My legs are already looking so much better than the last picture that I posted here, I'll put a new one on soon but as I have a new batch of Lilybelle pictures, thanks to my gorgeous daughter in law Amy, here's another one. Can you see why I call her "The most beautiful thing I have ever seen"?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sunday 29th August

Busy times again! Yesterday I saw just about everyone that I am working with at the moment. The posing class went well, many thanks to Matt and Annie for their help, and we were all pleased with Martin Duckett who posed with me. Eddie was happy with me, he says I'm just carrying a bit of water so we have addressed that and it will soon come off. Marc is coming in on target but we both have "the hard yards" as I like to call the final six weeks, to do, starting from tomorrow. Rob is ahead of schedule for the stars of tomorrow and will look the best he has ever looked by November, guaranteed. I only have one other person and they are struggling with the diet but we are working on it. Here's my gorgeous Princess Lilybelle having a little nap.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday 27th August

Rounded off another good weeks training at Golds today, and tomorrow I have a posing class at Monster gym as well as a meeting with Eddie. He will tell me exactly how much more work I have to do in the last 6 weeks. Everyone else is telling me that I look great but it's only Eddie's opinion that I listen to. I've found a great supplier of GASP clothing; www.fitclothing.com is run by fellow bodybuilder Perry Crick and I recommend it thoroughly. What with all this bad weather my gorgeous daughter Natalie & I took the boys to the beach on Tuesday, not a real one but the pretend one in the middle of Milton Keynes shopping centre, as you can see we had a great time!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wednesday 25th August

Yesterday Marc & I did a killer leg workout at Golds. Marc usually trains his legs at Fatlas gym but I've always maintained that the equipment there is not good enough to build competition legs, that's why I've always done my serious leg work elsewhere. I ripped the arse out of my trousers by squatting deeper than ever and also felt sick for the rest of the day afterwards. Marc was on the verge of collapse but that boy never gives up! Here he is 7 weeks out, the pic was taken cold with no pump up, as you can see he will be ready early! Finally, now that all the exam results are in, some job training for those who failed their GCSE's. Repeat after me "would you like large fries with that?"

Friday, 20 August 2010

Friday 20th August

William Gallas from Arsenal to Tottenham? Ha ha, what goes around comes around gooners, and he won't be the disappointment that Sol Campbell was for you when he went the other way (no pun intended!) Doing some good work still with Martin Duckett (BNBF British champion) and next week we are both going to a posing class at Monster gym. I will also hook up with Eddie there and then as he is now back from holiday. My legs look ok, in this picture they were 8 weeks out, by the time I see Eddie they will be much more cut or he will not be happy and I don't want that! Im not scared of Eddie but I have a massive amount of respect for him for what he has acheived, he is in his mid forties now but still looks far better than I ever could.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Thursday 19th August

Haven't done a movie review for a while but yesterday I saw (yes you guessed it) "The Expendables" so here goes. Apart from Jason Stathams accent this movie is nowhere near as ridiculous as "The A Team" and is a much better movie all round. All of the guys are there, doing what they do as well as ever except that these days they are even wrinklier than I am! Arnie steals the show as usual with a short cameo near the beginning which brings the best laugh of the whole movie and Mickey Rourke proves what a great actor he is. If you like your movies macho then go see it, you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Thursday 12th August

How would you feel today if you were David Beckham? To find out that your England career is over because a fat Italian failure tells some TV show, is nothing short of disgraceful. DB has been a great servant to his country and deserves much better than that. Its Capello that should be retired, not Becks. Anyway, I'm off to Perry & Sarahs wedding now then I'm going to relax on a sunny beach for a few days in preparation for the 8 weeks of torture that will follow. Spent some time with my Princess Lilybelle last night, she now has 2 teeth and is crawling at only 7 months old and she gets more beautiful every day! Here's me at 9 weeks out, still 18 stone, yet it's all coming in nicely!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Saturday 7th August

Im loving all of this competition prep! Completed another good week yesterday and starting next weeks tomorrow, a day early so that I can attend the wedding of my good friend Perry Knight on Thursday and then just recover from the hangover on Friday! Marc & I are both well ahead of target, Marc has only 5 kilos to lose in 9 weeks and everyone at Golds tells me that I look about 4 weeks out not 9 so it's all good! It's not just the bodybuilding that's making me so happy, Caden is more fun every time I see him, Colby is more gorgeous than ever and my Princess Lilybelle has cut her first tooth at 7 months after spending some time teething on Granddads ear the other day! Here's Caden measuring himself on his height chart in his room with his favourite toy box on his head!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Tuesday 3rd August

It's important to stay focused during contest prep but it's also nice to have something else to do rather than worry about myself all the time. So I coached Marc on Monday, he is looking great and right on target, and tomorrow I am coaching Cy, my big hope for glory in the juniors next year. Also, I today did some preliminary work with Martin Duckett, the BNBF British over 50's champion. Martin is in amazing condition already but we are going to do some work to make sure that he retains his title on September 19th. I still managed to fit in a long afternoon with Caden today though, some things are more important than bodybuilding, here he is watching Toy Story (again!)