Friday, 27 November 2009

Friday 27th November

I'm well into off season mode now and the weight is finally back under control. I peaked at 18 stone 8 lbs but now with a bit of clean and sensible eating I am back to 18 stone, pretty lean, and happy to go through the winter like this in an effort to build a bit more muscle for next year. Off season training is only 4 x 80 minute weights sessions per week plus 30 mins a day cardio on training days only, so that gives me a lot more spare time. You can probably guess that I spend as much of it as possible with Caden, I have some great video footage of him and some new pictures like this one (drums? whose idea was that?). Colby needs some of his Granddads attention too, whenever I see him he lays spreadeagled on my chest listening to my heart, sleeping soundly.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Monday 23rd November

Well done to my two friends Leejay Miller (pictured) and Kirk Grimsley who yesterday competed in the NABBA novice finals. A group of us went to Birmingham to support them. Kirk looked great but was in a huge class of 20 first timers, although most of the guys looked like they had been competing for years! Kirk is a genuine first timer and he didn't place but that was not a surprise, they really must do something about making sure that first timers are exactly that! Leejay was in a class of only two which he won easily, he was in superb condition and would have preferred, I'm sure, to have to competed against more people but as I know from previous experience, you can only beat the people that turn up on the day, and Leejay certainly did that.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday 20th November

Feeling great! Well that's what a week in the sun will do for you. It's good to be back though, I think I must be getting old, I miss my kids and Grandchildren so much while I'm away! Returned to the gym today and of course it hurt more than usual and will continue to do so for the first week or so but I don't mind that one little bit, it just proves to me that I'm training properly. This is one of the best times of the year, no dieting and some heavy training will make me bigger and better for next season. So, let the pain begin!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wednesday 11th November

Firstly, I do hope that everyone wore their poppy with pride today and observed 2 minutes silence. Not just for the soldiers that we have lost in previous wars but for the brave souls that are stuck in that hell hole known as Afghanistan. I'm no politician but surely we have to think about bringing them home soon? On a less important note, the Hercules stuff has begun to arrive, I'll try to get the photos on here before I go on holiday but in the meantime here's the link to see some of it on you tube.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Monday 9th November

Well we are finally getting the website updates in place. My son Steve who runs the website is a very busy man so I am very grateful to him for doing this for me. Please have a look at the new photos and video from the British finals, I would value your honest opinions. The Hercules photos should also be on here soon, they have not arrived from the show organisers yet. Meanwhile I'm coming to the end of the rebound training and diet and now weigh in at 18 and a half stone yet I'm still lean. A holiday in the sun beckons next I think!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Thursday 5th November

Steve assures me that all of the new photos will be on here by the weekend, but in the meantime this is one of when I had just won the Mr. Hercules, also there is a new video from the British finals on YouTube, here is the link.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wednesday 4th November

Busy times as usual. I've been hitting the rebound training hard but had to stop yesterday as I had the calf that caused all the problems operated on. Fortunately I have a friend who is a plastic surgeon and he did it for me on the cheap. Sadly, I was his last patient for a while as he has been diagnosed with abdominal cancer at the age of 55, my prayers are for you Don. I'm resting for a couple of days now, spending extra time with the Grandchildren, I gave Colby his bottle for the first time today, he is an amazing baby, and Caden has been his usual incredible self all day. I am blessed to have such wonderful Grandchildren.