Thursday, 27 March 2014

Clean Machine (?)

Ever since this picture appeared on Twitter the other day I've had people asking me if it's even possible to make that kind of transformation naturally let alone how hard is it.  Well there are several factors to take into account.  Genetics - Dwayne Johnson's dad was Rocky Johnson, a big tough wrestler many years ago.  Diet - Dwayne can afford the best food and supplements. Training - Apprently the WWE guys train harder than anyone.  So all of that says that it is possible to make a huge transformation drug free, but true to my saying that "I'd rather be honest than popular" and knowing that some people will disagree, I would say that even with all of those factors in his favour he has still done a reasonable amount of gear.  In general, if people tell me they're drug free and I don't believe them I always say do a drug free bodybuilding show and get tested, that answers the question once and for all.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


I liked the write up from my class at the British finals on the UKBFF website, it reads "Most men at this age are taking things easy, but not these gladiators. These men have denied nature and refused to let those muscles lose their fullness. No couch potatoes on this stage. Over 50 maybe but I know some men of 25 that would like bodies like this". Very flattering, shame they got the winners name wrong really, don't worry Alfie Noda, we all know who won, and deservedly so.  In our quest to provide a complete service to anyone wanting to compete this year we are currently in negotiation with a company that has invented a revolutionary new spray tan that can be done at PPF.  Usually tanning is the second worse thing about competing, after the dreaded dieting of course, but according to our two models Rob & Clare and looking at the picture, that sticky & smelly feeling and the look of dodgy sunburn may be a thing of the past, if that's the case then I'll certainly post more info as soon as I have it!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bikini Machine

It's getting closer to showtime every week!  The season will get underway in style in less than 2 weeks time on April 5th when my old friend, the larger than life Scott Horton hosts the "Hercules Olympia" in Colchester, Essex.  Scott always puts on a great show, I competed in it back in 2009 and won my class, it was great fun. There will no doubt be a lot of bikini contestants in Scott's show, some of whom will have been prepared by Gemma Williams and Michelle Brannan from  Gemma is running a posing class for all bikini competitors, even if they are not signed up to Showgirl Fitness, at Peak Physique & Fitness on Saturday March 29th, bookings should be made directly through the showgirl fitness website.  Gemma is often at PPF so we're very happy to have her as part of the set up.  With people like her, Shane Raymond and myself regularly in attendance, our members that are competing this year and also just about everyone else there, are all filled with confidence, looking better every day and looking forward to the summer to show off the bodies that they are currently sculpting.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Master Blaster

Another busy day at PPF!  Today we shot another workout video for The Active Channel.  The series that we are filming covers new training techniques coupled with old school stuff that I still swear by, the working title for the series is "Learn from the Masters" as the workouts feature me and a host of other well known and successful bodybuilders of all ages. I'll post broadcast dates for each episode as I have them.  Talking of learning from the masters, it's great to be working again with my good friend and under 80 kilos competitor Rob (pictured). Rob & I were coached together by Eddie Abbew years ago and now I'm coaching Rob for a show in May which will be followed by his wedding to the lovely Clare, who I'm also coaching for competion this year, just as long as she keeps on making me protein cakes and cookies!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number

Firstly, thanks again, the last blog broke all records for views.  The amount of views is usually driven by the picture so its very flattering that two men with a combined age of 111 can generate that much interest! Hopefully today's pic of me with PPF's latest and best looking recruit Ezy will generate even more, if it doesn't then it will of course be my fault!  Ezy is an integral part of our team now, as well as her normal staff duties she runs classes, both mixed and women only, and also gives a great deal of help to all of the members, especially the ladies.  There will be more about her in future blogs but in the meantime, for more information about Ezy please just click this link!/pages/Starfit-ModelPT/758392307523973

Monday, 10 March 2014

Masters Of War

It was great to do some work today with my old friend Martin Duckett. I say old because he's actually 6 months older than me!  Martin has an impressive drug free record and last year won both the NPA and UKDFBA British over 50's titles.  He's just the latest in a line of top quality bodybuilders that I have become friends with over the last 5 years to come to Peak Physique & Fitness to try to improve in preparation for the battles that will be this years competition season.  There have been quite a few that have already visited and there will be a lot more.  In other news, I'm proud, flattered and surprised that, according to statistics received today, this blog is now read by more people than ever before.  Thank you all for that, I am truly humbled!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Back To Basics

So this years health screening and full body MRI scan once again gave me nothing to worry about.  I saw a top Harley Street sports doctor who told me a few surprising things about supplements and also confirmed what I already knew about my back wearing out with age. The discs in the spine do wear excessively after years of aggressive leg work and I've adapted my leg workouts to compensate for that fact.  I've always had good legs, Eddie wouldn't have allowed me on stage with anything less, and the workouts that I've devised for them these days involve no squatting or deadlifting yet I've still lost no size and they look as good as ever.  Finally, it was good to see my old friend Alex on Friday, he is competing in a BNBF show in June so we did some training and diet work together and he is going to spot on by showtime.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Isn't She Lovely

The best wedding that I went to last year was that of my good friends Glenn & Leanne, as I wrote about at the time  Well 8 weeks ago the happy couple were blessed with what I can only describe as the most beautiful baby that I have ever seen. I spent some time with Millie yesterday doing all the things that I haven't done for years, feeding her, winding her and best of all, cuddling her off to sleep.  It was an amazing experience and one that I'm looking forward to repeating.  As I had such a soft and moving time yesterday, I had to re establish my image by putting three PPF members that are competing later this year through some incredibly tough workouts today.  Well done to all of them, showtime isn't that far away so now's the time to get some hard work in the bank, when they can't walk tomorrow they will know that we certainly did that today!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Kid In Town

With the ever increasing ladies membership at PPF it has become apparent that we need a top quality female PT to add to the staff.  I'm therefore very pleased to announce that Ezy (pictured) is now very much part of the team.  She will be taking classes every Monday & Friday evening and will also be available for PT work with members, as well as doing the thing that I do of being available to give free diet and training advice to members whenever I'm at the gym.  As well as being a really nice person, Ezy has an impressive CV as well as a great physique so we're sure that she will be a great addition to the gym.  To find out more about Ezy please just follow this link

Monday, 3 March 2014

Paradise City

People have been recently asking me what it's like being a gym owner now.  My reply is that it's hard work but ultimately it's very satisfying to be able to help so many people improve their physiques and in some cases their whole lives. There are other good things too though, like I can train to whatever music I choose at any volume that I like, today we had Guns 'n' Roses; awesome!  Also, ever since we've been open I've been really happy to see so many of the friends that I've made since I moved back here from Spain in 2009 coming to the gym for coaching, training and a catch up, I'm blessed to know so many lovely people.  They have all been very impressed with the place and are now all training there whenever they can!