Saturday, 28 April 2012

Shows or holidays?

Which is best? As Harry Hill would say there's only one way to find out! Well I've just got back from a great "forget that you are a bodybuilder" holiday in the Maldives so now it's show time as the UKBFF season starts tomorrow, good luck to everyone competing whether I know you or not. In 8 days time Del will be on stage in the UKBFF Warrington show, she is looking awesome already and will do very well, I'm certain of that. When those shows are over I'm off to Tuscany for a week of writing and video editing so the website and my YouTube channel will have new stuff on it by the end of May, and yes I know it's about time too.  Meanwhile I am training hard after getting out of shape whilst away so that I can do a new workout video, watch this space!

Friday, 6 April 2012

A change and a rest!

After 2 years at Golds gym in Bedford I have decided to leave due to the petty jealousy of one person.  Being a successful bodybuilder always brings it's share of haters and their hate is simply borne of jealousy, in this case it was because someone didn't like the fact that despite me being almost twice their age I look better in just a pair of pants than they do! I don't do arguing, I'd had my fill of that about 6 years ago and now I prefer to move onwards and upwards instead.  I have done just that by moving to a gym run by my friend and top pro bodybuilder Martin Stevenson, check it out here  I am preparing my "beach body" there for my Maldives holiday and as you can see, as I approach my 53rd birthday, I'm not looking too shabby.