Monday, 26 November 2012

Back In Black

I'm very proud to announce that my new sponsorship deal is with Only Supplements, please have a look here This is a supplements website committed to top quality supplements at good prices, it's also where I have been getting all of my supplements from this year and as you can see in this video they really work!  I've had good feedback from the video, among others a lot of emails about my back detail and asking for advice on how to get that, well there's no secret, it's just hard work and diet, sorry!  There will soon be more new photos on the website as it will be updated with new galleries and also links to Only Supplements as soon as my very busy but very dear son Steve can do it!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Futures So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

So much good news to report! The first documentary has had so many viewers and has been so well received that I have been asked to do a second one which will air in the New Year. I've not had one single negative email about the first programme and I'm guessing that the TV company has had the same sort of feedback so this is the natural thing to do. Also I have been offered a great new sponsorship deal which I will give details of as soon as it is finalised. The video from the "Stars" show is now online, here's the link and finally here are Caden & Colby with this years celebration cake, a cake that has ensured lots of visitors recently for some reason!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bringing On Back The Good Times

Rebound training and dieting really makes for the best time of the whole year.  I somehow managed to get down to 17 stone to win on Sunday and I'm glad that I did because as you can see all of the top 3 were shredded, but since then the weight has been piling back on.  I will be well over 18 stone and comfortable at that weight by the weekend, after that I start my clean bulking diet for the winter, my body will appreciate that I'm sure.  I'm spending a few days with the Grandchildren as I've not seen them enough during show prep time and it is the most wonderful experience.  Lilybelle has just gone to bed and she will wake up at 6 in the morning to get in bed for cuddles with her Granddad, I love it when she does that.  Tomorrow I have the boys and I can't wait. I have achieved so many things in my life but all of my babies are so amazing; I am truly blessed.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow 2012

So I rounded off the season in style by winning the UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow 2012 show.  An ironic title for an old man like me to win I know but they don't do a show called Stars of Yesterday!  It was the biggest "Stars" ever, with about 150 competitors, The Beck Theatre was bursting at the seams but it was a great show and the quality was immense. In my class the top 3 was quite clear as our condition was much better than the rest but it could really have gone in any order. In the end the judges decided that as we were all ripped to shreds I was the winner as I was easily the biggest.  So like I always say, size does matter, but condition will always be king!  Winning this qualifies me for next years British finals, my 5th consecutive one, but I need to eat a ton of food first before I even think about next year!

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Here is the obligatory "before and after" picture of Natalie Mayling.  I can't begin to tell you just how much hard work this was for both of us but I am proud of what I have achieved with her.  We have done all of this totally drug free, with no "miracle supplements", just hard work and good dieting, all in an incredibly short space of time. Sadly, I won't be coaching her anymore, youngsters often have their heads turned by apparently better offers after their first show and she is just another one that has succumbed to that.  The final UKBFF show of the year where I will be competing on Sunday is called the "Stars of Tomorrow".  Ironic that a "has been" like me should be trying to win a show with that name I know but a lot of things are ironic, like rain on your wedding day and a free ride when you've already paid.  That reminds me, I'm sure that I was supposed to be somewhere tomorrow?  MAY 2017 - PICTURE REMOVED AT THE REQUEST OF NATALIE'S INSECURE AND JEALOUS BOYFRIEND

Monday, 5 November 2012

NAC British Open 2012

Yesterdays NAC British Open was the biggest ever. It featured Barney Duplessis, Robbie Anchant, Lee Harding and many other big names. I placed 4th in my class, the top 3 all placed in Mr. Universe the day before so I can't complain. Natalie also placed 4th in her class and to do that well after just 3 months training in a show this big is phenomenal. My thoughts now will turn to the UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow show this coming Sunday, it will be the first show this year that I have done whilst only prepping myself so hopefully the result will refelct that fact, we will see!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

One More Time

Here then is the official show picture of the top 3 in my class at the UKBFF British finals.  As I said, most people placed me 3rd but the judges didn't. Sean who won was small but had immense condition, Steve who was 2nd was huge but a little smooth, they were both better than me on the day and that's why I would have been happy with 3rd, but not 7th.  Anyway that's all history now and tomorrow I intend to replace that memory with a better one.  I've had a lot of help from Martin Stevenson who owns the gym where I train in Olney and he says that I'm spot on.  Natalie is too, she is just about at her target weight of 105lbs now and is still drying out. I'll post pics and results on Monday!