Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday 28th June

So we got hammered by ze Germans; there's a surprise, maybe it's because the players do different jobs for England than they do for their clubs? Apparently they were tired, I'd love to get them in the gym with me every day and get them on a competition diet, they would yearn for the days of being "tired". The Muscle Talk show went very well, my gym, Golds in Bedford, did very well with two winners and two second places, well done to Julie, Henry, Gaz and Marco, all have qualified for the British finals so what with me, Marc and the others who have already qualified Golds gym Bedford will be taking a busload to Nottingham in October! Here's me with a little friend I picked up (literally) in Cancun.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Saturday 26th June

A rare Saturday off which I will make the most of as Saturdays soon will be inspection time for those of us competing in the British finals. So; I’ve staked a few shillings on some ponies at Newmarket and will watch them romp home this afternoon, and then we are having a belated Fathers day as Steve was away last weekend. As there are four Fathers in my extended Cranfield family, Fathers Day is a big celebration time and I'm never happier than when we are all together as I believe that family values are the cornerstone of everything. Tomorrow is the Muscle Talk show, so I’ll see you there. Here I am at Coco Bongos, where they filmed “The Mask”

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wednesday 23rd June

Phew that's a relief then! After all of the doubting we thrashed the mighty footballing super power of Slovenia 1 - 0! True we were much better today but we need to be much better still to stand a chance against the big teams, starting this Sunday! What is wrong with playing 4-1-4-1 with Rooney as the striker, Barry in front of the back 4 and Gerrard running the show from the middle of the park? Too simple? Anyway, enough of that. I'm hoping to see you all at the Muscle Talk show at Bedford Corn Exchange on Sunday. I'm doing some publicity work for Gold's gym so please come and say hi. Finally, it's ages since I posted a picture of Colby so here he is!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Monday 21st June

....and we're back! First, sorry about the site being down yesterday, this was due to a technical problem which Steve fixed from his holiday villa in Florida, the boy is a genius. Second here's the tattoo pic and trip advisor review link as promised Had a good session with Marc this morning, he will be in pain for days. I then spent the afternoon with Caden, we went to the park first and played for hours before coming back to my house for ice cream and chocolate frogs. I see him more than ever lately, I cannot begin to tell you how much joy that little boy brings to my life, and I can't wait until Colby and Lilybelle get to his age.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday 18th June

So, news of my proteges. Marc looks well but we have to thicken his chest so we are doing a chest workout that I have devised for him on Monday, he will feel like he has been run over for a week! Dean & Matty are both contemplating doing the "Stars" but are dubious about how much they will have to diet. Rob is progressing already and I have great hopes for him. I've also looked at a few of the competitiors for the Muscle Talk show on Sunday week, they all look good, especially Gaz who will win the classics. I hope to see you there, here's the link for tickets. Finally, I'm off now to have the Grandchildrens names tattooed on me, photo to follow!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wednesday 16th June

Rob, who helped me with my rebound training, has decided that he will do the "Stars" show in November and work has already started! Im looking at two others tomorrow who want to do the same show and also having my first look at Marc since he won in May, so, busy times! Just to say that there is now a full review of the Mexico trip on trip advisor but as it is still "pending" I cant give you the link yet. I would also like to thank the gf, she did all of my shaving, tanning and recovery cooking for both shows in May and the Mexico trip was my way of saying thank you to her. She is a very good pole dancer and just to prove it here she is in Carlos & Charlies, practising at 2 am!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tuesday 15th June

Hey! How have you been? Mexico was awesome, I won't go on about it although I might post a few pictures! I was pleasantly surprised at how many people wanted photos taken with me, I'm used to it in other countries but most of the tourists were American so well used to seeing big guys yet they were still impressed, it was most flattering! Anyway I have a British title to win in October so I was back in the gym within hours of getting home, just after I had burned my effigy of Rob Green of course! The rebound training went well and I am bigger than ever although I am carrying a few holiday pounds - 24/7 all inclusive and the best food I have ever tasted? What did you expect?

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tuesday 1st June

How was your long weekend? Me & the gf spent 3 days in the Cotswolds, it's so beautiful there, many thanks to Jane, we will come again! Back in the gym with a vengeance today though, trained with my old training partner Rob Walkerdine who competes at 80kg but is as strong as an ox and pushed me hard. Rob may do the UKBFF "Stars of tomorrow" in November and if he does I will get him ready and hopefully finally make him realise his potential after his last couple of disappointing results. We have today formulated a plan so watch this space! Here I am at a butterfly farm (look at my left shoulder) in Stratford on Avon at the weekend, again just so beautiful.