Saturday, 27 March 2010

Saturday 27th March

34/84 Had a good chat with Eddie yesterday and we have come to an agreement. I am going to try to retain my London & South East title on May 16th and also try to win the Body power title 6 days later ( After this I will have 2 months of pure growth training and high intake dieting before preparing for the British finals in October. It means being very heavy for part of the summer but Eddie says it will be worth it. This will be a first as I like to stay ripped when the sun is out . Eddie says it's just vanity and he calls me Kev Andre, I can't think why? It's great to have a coach who is a good friend and a laugh as well as an extremely hard taskmaster. Here he is with my old training partner Rob.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tuesday 23rd March

30/84 Sorry for the lack of blogging but I've just been so busy! Not just with the normal stuff but I've also managed to get a bit more time with the Grandchildren lately and you know that the whole world stops when that happens. I could spend all day writing about them but I won't. Business wise, all of the guys are looking good but I'm a little unsure about myself. I'm looking bigger and better than ever for sure but Eddie wants me to forget about competing until October so that I can get even bigger and blow them all away at the British finals which I have already qualified for. I'm giving it some thought. Here's me & Lilybelle from a couple of weeks ago.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday 12th March

19/84 It's all going very well! My own contest preparations are going so well that I will actually add back some carbs next week as I dont want to be ready too early. Tommo looks after himself and Perry is pretty much doing the same now so that means that I can concentrate on Mark. He really is a success story, when he came to me less than a year ago he was just a big fat young man - his description not mine. Now he is bang on course to look immaculate for his first show, competing at 70kg. The transformation is amazing and everybody at the gym is so impressed with him, except of course the one or two that are jealous of what he has acheived. I will post on here the fat "before" pictures and incredible "after" ones when he wins his trophy on May 16th. Finally, good luck to my coach Eddie who is competing in the Australian Pro Grand Prix tomorrow.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday 7th March

14/84 Well the first inspection went well yesterday, the general opinion is that I'm bigger and thicker than last year but of course we won't really know until I have done a few more weeks dieting. One thing that is apparent is that the hamstings will come through last as usual, oh joy, endless hours of mind numbing cardio to come. Saw my gorgeous daughter in law Amy yesterday as it was her 25th birthday and spent ages cuddling Lilybelle who is just so beautiful. Finally, thanks to my son in law Marc Bearpark for doing the photos yesterday. As well as being a great cage fighter he's pretty clever with a camera too, look at the TV screen in the background!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday 5th March

12/84 Its been a busy week, although none of us are competing until May the hard work is going in now, like I always say "fail to prepare - prepare to fail". Tommo starts cardio tomorrow although he looks spot on already, Perry has been unwell but is back now and will soon catch up as he works so hard, Mark is doing well and has immense dedication so I have no worries there. The guys are taking their first look at me tomorrow and will give me their honest opinions. After that I will arrange to see Eddie soon, he will no doubt be very hard on me, but that's why I choose him as my coach, he will have me bigger and better than last year, that's guaranteed. Yesterdays cardio was a lot of fun, Caden & I went to the park, he loves running around and insists that Granddad chases him, it's much tougher than an hour on the bike!