Sunday, 27 March 2011

5 weeks out

With just 5 weeks until my first show of the year I have to admit that it's hard work shifting the weight this time, hence the lack of recent photos. When I took January off I blew up to well over 19 stone and even though I'm now down to 18 stone 6 lbs the fat cells, that were fed so well during my month in the sun, are reluctant to shrink back to virtually nothing as they were last November. My target this year is to be that ripped again but to compete at a stone heavier than last year. I'm unlikely to acheive that by April 30th but I hope that I can look good enough at that show to win and qualify for the NABBA British finals 4 weeks later, as I am expecting to reach my target by then. I also have the NAC UK Open the next day, 2 British finals in 2 days, bring it on!

Monday, 21 March 2011

What is it good for?

So now we are bombing Libya. What I don't understand is this, we keep on invading all of these oil rich countries yet the price of petrol still keeps on going up? Why can't we just take loads of their oil as a fee for having to bomb the crap out of them? I mean, military action isn't cheap is it and the good old UK is skint after all. On the plus side maybe Billy Joel can now write an extended version of "We didn't start the fire" I'll help him when I can find a way to rhyme "Invasion of Iraq" with "Outrageous council tax", yes I got my bill today, don't get me started. To cheer us all up here is a picture of Caden dressed up as "The Gruffalo" for comic relief last week.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lots to feel good about

Great to see that John Terry has been handed back the England captaincy, he should never have lost it in the first place. Ok so he was seeing some losers ex, well I’ve been there and done that in my life and honestly don’t see a problem. Training is going well; I’m pleased to say that my old friend Leejay Miller is going to help me with my preparation, Leejay and I go back a long way so it will be good to be working together again. I was also pleasantly surprised today when another old friend, Scott Longhurst, took the time to come to Golds to thank me for helping him with his diet and training. A year ago he was a mile out of shape so he came to me, now he looks amazingly different and is thinking about competing! Him doing that meant a lot to me and I wish him the best of luck for when he gets on stage. Today's irrelevant picture is of Colby on "Granddads stripey bed"

Monday, 14 March 2011

The business end of the diet

It's fair to say that due to a virtually carb free weekend the diet kicked in today. After an intense workout with Martin followed by an hours cardio the tank was empty, so most afternoons from here on in will feature a short nap, which will be just beautiful. When training, I'm taking inspiration from the awesome England rugby team, the small pre-tournament wager that I had on them winning the Grand Slam is looking good but the Irish at Lansdowne Road will be the toughest game of the championship so I won't order the new Aston Martin just yet. Progress towards the first show is good and I might even put a photo on here soon. Meantime here is Caden, we went to feed the ducks at Willen and this was his reaction when I told him that I wasn't allowed to have any ice cream!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Marching on?

Another glory glory night for Spurs but it will mean little if they don't make the top 4 again this year. The rest of the season will be very interesting, for example, how can you keep clean sheets home and away against AC Milan but concede 3 goals against both Blackpool and Wolves? Did some work today with my latest protégé, 19 year old Dan Henman, who will compete for the BNBF this year. Nice to train someone so committed to the work and the diet, it's such a contrast to one particular "talker" at the gym who won't do the work or the diet so will clearly remain a fat person for life and will never ever reach competition standard. Meanwhile, the debate continues over who got the best suit last week, Steve or Caden, which as you can see, he actually changed into on the counter of the shop as soon as I had bought it for him!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The old remedies are the best

Deep into the third week of the diet and I have at last got the weight moving, I'm finally under 19 stone after a day of raw egg whites only. This always works as basically you are just feeding your body liquid protein only so it takes its energy from the existing fat. Its horrible though, I dont mind the taste or feeling hungry all day but I nearly died from Salmonella poisoning caused by raw egg whites about 15 years ago so its not something that I do often as you can imagine! Had a great day shopping with the kids and Grandkids on Monday. Everyone was massively spoilt of course because that's what I love to do, and they all looked great, but I think that Lilybelle, dressed as Tinkerbell, stole the show.