Sunday, 27 January 2013

Keep On Trucking

I'm still getting good feedback from the last special feature, here's the link again  Someone asked me if I was worried that it might upset anyone, I said I think that the only people that it will upset is the sanctimonious, attention seeking losers that it is aimed at, and you will know who they are because they are the ones that will deny being that way.  I finally have my new car, a Mercedes ML350 Sport, it is a big "Chelsea tractor" so a good replacement for the pick up truck that I had for the last 6 years, wow, is it really that long?  It's a good job that truck can't talk, luckily what goes on in the truck stays with the truck!  I will miss it but not as much as the babies who used to play "Bouncey Bounce" in the back of it, just like they are in this picture from last year.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pretty Fly For A White Guy

One of the best things about this time of year is that I have enough free time to get to see some of the people that I usually only help by email. One such person is now a very dear friend and told me about 10 days ago that I'm "Pretty Fly For A White Guy" or words to that effect, I took it as a compliment!  I shall be going to Edinburgh soon to see Sonny Lama, who I recently featured, and also another protege from there that I have become close to.  Sometime after that I will head to the North East to see some other people that I'm helping including the man that I talked about in the last documentary who is giving his Mum a kidney, some other people are coming to train with me at Olney too.  All of these people are great to meet and life is very rewarding at the moment. Finally, credit where it's due, I had some new business cards made by, they arrived quickly and were a good price for a top quality business card.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Man In The Mirror

Ok lets put the Lance Armstrong thing to bed first.  Yes he took stuff but so did everyone else that he was competing against so he won everything on a level playing field, therefore he was the greatest cyclist of his era - end of! All of the sanctimonious haters that have got things to this stage have got their wish so now they should leave the man alone and take a look at themselves to see just how perfect they all are.  It all follows on nicely from the latest special feature that I have received so much praise about, one person even posted it on facebook which, considering the content, was quite surprising!  Here's the link and also heres a picture of Lilybelle and Colby having tea at my house yesterday, they are too young for chicken and rice!

Sunday, 13 January 2013


I've had nothing but good feedback from Monday's TV show and the last blog, everyone says that I really am getting better with age and yesterday I received the results of my annual health screening which seems to back up that theory as you can see from the picture. I believe this also justifies my much publicised position on steroid use.  All serious bodybuilders have to ignore BMI readings for obvious reasons but I was happy to be 18% body fat whilst off season, weighing in at 18 stone 2 lbs.  That is just about perfect for off season growth without getting fat because, as I always tell people, you cant grow if you are at a constant 10% or less body fat.  My broodiness problem has been solved to an extent; Steve and Amy now let me have Lilybelle to stay once a week. I collect her from school, keep her for the night and take her to school the next morning.  It means that I get to play Daddy once a week and I love every minute of it.  It's the best New Year present that I could ever want.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Growing Younger

I am indebted to the kind person who sent me this picture which, according to them, proves that my face never ages and my body is getting younger! I don't know about that but I was surprised at the upper body development over the last few years and as such will have to have a re measure for the stats on the front page. Of course my abs are a constant challenge but the tummy has been fine for over a year now although it does swell a bit when I'm water depleted for a show.  My legs are never going to grow much as my knees are damaged from years of running during the time that I was an amateur boxer, what a stupid exercise running is! I haven't been able to squat for a few years now and although I still leg press half a tonne I have my knees treble wrapped when doing so.  The first pic is from my first show which I won but there are no pictures of me with my winners trophy for some reason.  It's good to be back to normal, off season training is going well and more importantly I have Lilybelle for the night tomorrow which might stop the broodiness or might make it worse!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Under Pressure

Just a reminder that "One Year On", the follow up to last years TV documentary will be shown on TV tomorrow, Monday January 7th, at 8.30 pm on the Community Channel (Sky 539 /  Freeview 87).  I had 'flu throughout the filming of it but hopefully I don't look too bad and on the plus side my ex girlfriend doesn't spoil the end of this one by being in it!  Now, if you want some training advice for the New Year and if you have a copy, take a look at page 140 of "The Beef" issue no. 67.  The logic regarding muscles being kept under tension or under pressure is exactly what I try to emphasise to people, especially the short rep, short set, ego trainers, and the methods described by Nash Jocic are something that I also teach.  You know what they say about the proof of the pudding and as you can see from all of the B & A's on the personal training page, these methods work! 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

You Can Get It If You Really Want

So here then is the B & A of Sonny Lama, who went from being just another gym rat to being a 70 kilo competitor, under my guidance, totally drug free. His Mr. Himalayas show was cancelled 12 days out so he was depleted and still carrying some water, he would definitely have looked even better than this amazing transformation by showtime I'm certain of that.  These are genuine photos, let me assure you of that as some idiots on Facebook have said that they are fakes, they are just jealous as usual.  As I always say, Sonny did the work and the dieting so he gets the credit.  This has taken about 6 months of incredibly hard work on his part, but he said to me that he was proud to be a "disciple of a great master" which meant the world to me. I am very proud to be able to add him to the B & A's on the personal training page!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Day

So as the New Year starts I have made just one resolution and after the disasters of last year you will probably be able to work out what that is. Now it's time for a new season though, the muscle tissue has all gone very flat during my very restful holiday but that will change virtually overnight now that I am eating clean and training hard again.  I have made specific training plans to make the most of the fact that, according to everyone that saw me win the "Stars", for some reason I am actually getting better with age.  It can't last forever of course so I will make hay while the sun shines.  Tunisia was lovely, the people are so friendly and I spent some real quality time during the holiday with the most beautiful baby girl that I have ever seen in my whole life!  Am I now broody or what?!