Thursday, 28 November 2013

This Is Tomorrow

Works at the new gym are progressing well, I'm spending as much time there as I can whilst fitting it in with the media work that I'm doing. The show prep DVD is now on sale from and I will be promoting it at a supplements shop soon, details to follow in due course. Also, here's an interview with Dr. Susan Aldridge that I did recently for one of my sponsors The most fun that I've had lately was on Sunday when I filmed my first advert for LA Muscle which will be on TV before Christmas.  We filmed at Eddie Abbew's gym in Hemel Hempstead and it was great to have some quality time with my old friend in between takes.  We both laughed at the guidance note at the end of my script that read "most important is his physique, he must be big, muscular and ripped enough to be credible yet old enough to be convincing that he has been worn by life"  That will be why they asked me to do the job then!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Don't Stop Me Now

Who knew that trying to get a new gym open would be such hard work?  What with the gym and the media work I've gone back to working full time - and I'm loving it! Ok here's some important stuff. Firstly, with the holidays coming up this excellent piece from my friends at Supplement Centre might be very handy come the New Year  And talking of Christmas, if you want to buy someone a great present for less than a tenner, have a look at this  This weekend I am making my first TV ad for LA Muscle, it will be shown on The Active Channel first and as soon as I have dates I will of course post them, there will be more TV related news to follow in the New Year.  Finally, England's cricketers have learned, as I did a long time ago, that when confidence turns into arrogance things tend to turn around and bite you, I wonder if the same thing will happen to George Groves when he fights Carl Froch tomorrow?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Weight

People often ask me how much weight to put on for off season training. Everyone is different of course but I like to take about 4 weeks after my last show to add 10 kilos to my show weight for off season training and then keep that weight steady. It's nice to be eating well again, I've almost put on the 10 kilos already, and its nice to have some energy for all of the media work that I am currently doing. This started on Saturday when I did a photoshoot for my clothing sponsors along with a few other guys including Drug Free pro Mark Claxton and up and coming bodybuilder Ollie Matthews (pictured).  Ollies website is worth a look too. I have more stuff going on this weekend, as well as getting the new gym ready and also promoting the show prep DVD which is released on November 25th and is now available for pre order.  It makes a great Christmas present, please see the order form on the front page of

Diamonds And Rust

The video from my last show is now on YouTube it's history now & I'm saying nothing more about it but here's the link The pictures will be in the gallery by the end of this week so that ends that chapter of my life. A new one starts today, I've moved away from the place that I moved to 5 years ago and I have a whole new life already happening. I moved back to England from Spain in 2009 but I see now that was a mistake, or as I prefer to think of it, a lesson learned, because I have not enjoyed living where I have since I came back.  However, during those years my competitive bodybuilding career has been a fantastic ride and I'm now friends with so many amazing people from that world.  So for me at least, it's true what the song says, memories bring diamonds and rust.  So it's on to better things now, updates coming very soon!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Move On Up

My entire house is now all packed up in boxes and the removals men will be here soon.  I'm looking forward to moving into my new house which will be a major upgrade from where I currently live and I'm looking forward even more to getting my new gym open.  It's in Hitchin, which is only about 10 minutes from my new house, which means that I won't have far to go for work every day.  Whilst retiring from work at the age of 50 in 2009 had its benefits, I do actually miss doing a bit of work, so as well as being joint owner and training regularly at the new gym I will be head of coaching too, although I'm very happy to say that the majority of the coaching will be done by one the country's top drug free bodybuilders who we agreed full time terms with last week.  I told Lilybelle that I was only taking the very important stuff to my new house and that she was the most important thing of all.  Although I'm sure that she believed me she insisted on making sure as you can see! 

Saturday, 9 November 2013

New Moon On Monday

Ok lets just have a tidy up.  Firstly, the video from the very close British Finals is now on YouTube.  Having watched it a few times I think that, as the judges said, the top 6 really could have gone in any order, so there are no complaints from me about that result, here's the link, please see what you think Secondly, I have just received the official photos from the "Stars" last Sunday, they will be in the gallery one day next week but here's a sneak preview of the top 3, yes, I know right?  As these blogs are shared via Google+ you can comment on them and also send me messages, I would be very happy to hear from anyone that can tell me why I didn't win my last show although I have to say that I'm completely over it and very much looking forward to my new life which starts immediately!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

You Wear It Well

It's proof of the quality of my friends and body-building "family" that I've actually received more nice messages since Sundays debacle than I do when I win a show! Thank you all very much, it is greatly appreciated. There are a few theories as to why the judges wouldn't let me finish my career with a win but I'm not going to waste time listing or explaining them, instead I have found a positive. Sunday's show & result will of course be featured in the DVD that is in production. The purpose of the movie is to be educational, well this will be a lesson that shows that no matter how well you prepare and even if you clearly look the best one on stage, nothing is guaranteed on show day. Everyone has said that I have taken it remarkably well and some have asked how I find it so easy to do that. Well I won't allow any kind of stress into my life for a start but also the first person to cheer me up after the show was my friend Dan Smith.  Dan is a pro bodybuilder with a difference, he is confined to a wheelchair. It put things into perspective for me that someone who will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair was taking time out to make me feel better just because I had suffered a ridiculous result. As Dan said, forget the result, it's onwards and upwards starting right now!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Walk Away

My hopes of ending my career with a win didn't work out as I placed 2nd in a sell out UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow show. This is the only photo that I have at the moment of the winner & me and I will post the show pics as soon as I have them but they will only confirm what you are thinking right now. I've beaten Abbas, the winner, several times, including at the Britain 2 weeks ago where he didn't even place, he's a nice guy and afterwards he came and apologised to me, he said he felt embarrased as I was clearly the winner and he didn't know why they had given it to him. I always take defeat gracefully and I shook his hand and said well done for winning. I've never complained about judging, politics in the sport or conspiracy theories and I won't start now but it does make me wonder. We both got invites to next years British finals, I left mine in a bin at the venue, it's the best way to draw a line, walk away and move on to bigger and better things.