Friday, 31 August 2012

Choose your poison?

Email of the week this week came from a lady(?) who strongly disagreed with steroid use of any kind but felt that it was acceptable to go out and get wrecked on booze & cocaine and end up spending the night in a hotel with a stranger because "thats what made her the person that she is".  She was by no means a youngster either, I guess I don't really understand the modern world but hopefully tomorrows documentary will help address exactly that kind of issue. My break up with my ex girlfriend came after the ITC had approved the programme for broadcast so unfortunately she has not been edited out of it.  I hope that this doesn't spoil your enjoyment of it, please email me your feedback to

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Expendable? No, irreplaceable!

If the idea of a movie is to temporarily suspend belief and live in a fantasy world then "Expendables 2" is the perfect movie. Ignore the opinions of any snotty, high brow, self righteous friends and family and go and be amazed!  All the old guys are there and they are as great as ever, all action and taking the piss out of each other and themselves, just like real men do. Arnie steals the show again, "quelle surprise" as anyone with a joke French accent would say!  Finally, I had to laugh ironically at the other programmes on the same Sky planner page as Saturday nights documentary, not everyone will understand why but those that know certain things definitely will!

Monday, 27 August 2012

A one month transformation

I have been working with my latest protege Natalie for exactly one month and as you can see the progress is amazing.  She has responded well to rough and aggressive training, in fact she loves it!  Her diet consists of regular intakes of animal protein, very low carbs and no fats or oils. She is totally drug free and uses no weight reducing drugs, laxatives, herbal teas or modern "miracle" supplements of any kind, just the basic old school stuff that I believe in.  It is a tough regime, some women would have run away from it for something easier, but the results are something that you would never get doing a lifetime of pilates, spinning, body balance or other such nonsense.  She will compete of course, at this rate maybe even this year.  I hope that everyone, not just women, can take inspiration from this young girls achievement.  MAY 2017 - PICTURE REMOVED AT THE REQUEST OF NATALIE'S INSECURE AND JEALOUS BOYFRIEND

Sunday, 26 August 2012

In the words of the bard

I receive nice emails from all over the world every day asking for advice. Yesterday I got one from a father in Ireland asking how he could check if his 30 year old daughter was taking laxatives because she couldn't handle dieting. I told him to take her out in the car for over an hour and see if she started panicking for the toilet, that's usually a giveaway. More importantly though, I told him that at that age she was old enough to  make her own decisions and that he shouldnt be controlling her.  Obviously I wont hear from him again but I always tell people the truth, even if they dont like it and don't have the guts to accept it.  As the saying goes, "above all, be true unto thine self"

Friday, 24 August 2012

Its not about the bike

I have to say that I have complete sympathy for Lance Armstrong. He has never tested positive but he has clearly upset some of the very narrow minded people who pull all the strings in his world. And even if he did do any of the things that he is accused of then isn't he just the same as all the rest except better in so many other ways? A friend of mine once competed at the highest level in cycling and told me that things like EPO were as "compulsory" as the masking drugs!  I'm not into cycling but Lance is still a hero of mine for what he has achieved and, especially since I lost my Mum to cancer, for what his "Livestrong" foundation does for cancer sufferers. I can totally understand that he isn't even going to argue about things anymore, there comes a time when you have to leave the stress and drama to the little people and just get on with your life!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dedication, that's the name of the game

After the disappointment of having to let Danny go (he was like a son to me) I was very happy when I produced this before and after comparison picture of Amrit, who placed 4th in Sunday's show.  Amrit joined the team quite late this year so I did not coach him during the crucial bulking up phase last winter except for a few workouts where he joined Danny and I.  The knock on effect of that was that he had to diet incredibly hard to get into condition during the 3 months that I was prepping him for his show. I am proud to say that he met the challenge head on and never complained once, unlike some, and as a result he has made a huge amount of progress this year.  Now that I have him firmly under my wing I am expecting him to do very well next year and challenge for some 70 kilo titles!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Never say never

Well after being so busy prepping people it will be nice to be at a show this weekend where I have nobody competing.  It is the Kent Klassic in Gravesend and I have to say that I have been secretly dieting over the last few weeks as I thought about competing again.  I've kept quiet about it because I don't talk it unless I'm sure that I can walk it and as you can see from the pic I'm nowhere near ready and still covered in cortisol from recent issues in my private life.  The show is run by two of the nicest people in the UKBFF, Bill and Sarah Bridges, who have always been very nice to me and I always go along to support the event.  But if my class is won by someone who deosn't look much better than I do here then I will be very tempted to do another show very soon!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Time to say goodbye

The results from the NPA Midlands. Well Danny took it upon himself to ignore me completely and do his own prep and in his words "missed the weight" - by 2 kilos! This meant that he competed at middleweight and was of course blown away, he is a good lightweight at most but never a middleweight. It's not the first time he has ignored me and although I gave him a second chance he certainly won't get a third.  I wish him all the best for the future without me. Amrit just missed out on a place but was happy as he has made an amazing transformation in the last year, when I have show pictures I will do an impressive before and after comparison photo. I am looking forward to a tough off season bulking him up, ready to do even better next year!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Wild Thing!

Just a quickie today especially for those people who read this for all the wrong reasons.  Just remember, there are two sides to every story and wild animals don't attack unless they are provoked!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Save the best until last

I have now finally got round to seeing just about everyone that I have missed over the last 6 months.  Far too many to mention by name here but you won't be surprised at the title of todays blog when you look at the photo.  It's no secret that I love children, espcially when they are babies. Well this is Reggie, the baby boy of my very good friends Eddie and Louisa.  Reggie is only 5 months old and already looks like his gentle giant of a dad with his mums blue eyes and blonde hair, I actually couldn't put him down! Back in bodybuilding land the action moves to the NPA Midlands show on Sunday, Danny and Amrit are ready and look at their best ever so bring it on!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Bad day at Manchester

Well yesterday's BNBF Manchester show turned out to be a big disappointment for Marzio, Danny and all of us that made the long journey to support them. Marzio placed 4th in his first show and Danny was 6th. Ordinarily they would not be viewed as bad results but we felt that both should have done better and that Marzio was a clear winner.  He has taken it rather badly and now will probably not compete again this season.  Danny was also very low afterwards but will go to Stratford on Avon this coming weekend for the NPA show where he won the juniors last year, this year he will compete in the 70kg class. Amrit will also be competing in the same class so we are hoping for a better weekend!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Time to unleash the beast

I'm really looking forward to tomorrows BNBF Manchester show. 19 year old Marzio, who we affectionately call "The Beast" is looking great and so is Danny. I've deliberately held back the pics of Marzio as I want to do a before and after pic when I have a photo of him on stage tomorrow, the transformation is amazing I promise you. Now, an apology of sorts, I have continually moaned that we shouldn't have wasted billions of £'s on staging the Olympics and whilst I still believe that is true I have to give credit where it's due and admit that it has been brilliant. I'm now going to watch my favourite bit, the boxing finals, which I have been looking forward to for the last 2 weeks!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sunshine after the rain

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has been in touch.  It's good to be back to being the real me, and yes, it probably would have been cheaper to put a hooker on a retainer, I know, right?  So now lets move forward, life right now is actually amazing, more info to follow in due course!  Next member of the team to compete is Marzio Barberio, at the BNBF Manchester show in 9 days time. I'll do a one week out inspection and photos on Saturday and maybe put one on here then.  Danny will also compete, he actually looks better than he did for St. Albans so I'm looking forward to it being a big day!