Saturday, 3 May 2014

Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry

Firstly an apology.  I did not know that so many people followed my blog via the Blogger website, I've had a few people email me and ask if I'm ok as I've posted nothing on here for a few weeks. Thank you for your concern, yes I'm absolutely fine but the blog has been moved as my new gym has really taken off well so the blog is now part of my gyms website, therefore this will be my last post using Blogger.  It's now all done through Wordpress, here's a link don't ask me why we had to change it, when my genius IT man Leigh speaks I just listen and pretend to understand, because he's a website expert and I'm only a simple bodybuilder so the system works very well!  Anyway, the blog is still accessible with one click from the front page of my new look website which Leigh also did, my website is now part of the gym website.  Please have a look I'm really pleased with it.  Right, I'll get back to bodybuilding blogs tomorrow as there is lots of good news to report!