Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Like a rhinestone cowboy....

...getting cards and letters from people I don't even know and offers coming over the phone. Well it's not been quite that good but almost! I have been overwhelmed by the congratulations that I have received since Monday morning, all the people at Gold's and the bodybuilding community in general have all been so kind. Believe it or not, that means more to me than any trophy or title so it has a been a hectic but very rewarding few days. But life is about the future so the first person that I called (after I had spoken to my kids of course) was Danny, so that we could organise him for his show on July 31st. He will now have 2 months of feeling the pain that I know so well, and hopefully the glory at the end of it, we will see. Here's a photo of the winning line up on Sunday.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

British champion at last!

What a hectic but great weekend! Saturdays NABBA show went as I expected it to, I didn't place. I could make excuses about hating morning prejudging and it being my first year etc. but I won't, instead I will just say that the quality was as high as last years Universe and I can't argue about my "DNP". Sunday was a whole different story, a smaller field, an early evening run through show which I love and judges who appreciated my physique against the shorter guys. The result of an incredibly hard fought contest was that I won my first ever British title. Whilst it may not be quite as prestigious as the NABBA title I'm sure that anyone would be very proud, as I am, to be able to call themselves the British champion. Photos and videos to follow when I get them, but here's another "2 days out photo" from last week.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Show time at last

So finally the big weekend is here. In a few hours I will leave for Liverpool as I have an early check in and morning prejudging in the NABBA Britain finals tomorrow. The main show isn't until tomorrow evening so it will be a very long Saturday. It's my first ever NABBA Britain so I'm not expecting too much, but then on Sunday in Manchester I will do my second NAC Britain, and I'm a bit more confident about that one. Regardless of anything else, I can only be at my very best and according to everyone at Gold's I am definitely that. Bigger certainly, and more ripped than at either of the previous two shows that I have done recently. Here's a photo taken yesterday so see what you think. I'll report in on Monday with the weekends results, probably whilst eating a huge bacon sandwich!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Almost there

So after the luxury of actually eating properly for a whole day on Sunday I went straight back onto the depletion diet on Monday.... and it is hurting. Just today and tomorrow to go now and then I'll be carbing up on Friday. As I have the NABBA Britain on Saturday and then the NAC Britain on Sunday the carbing will be a delicate balancing act! I can't wait until Monday, not just because it will be the start of the food slaughter but also because I'm hooked on "Made in Chelsea". Depending on what happens in Monday's episode, I may have to go and slap Spencer and walk away with Funda over my shoulder, yeah 'cos she would love that - not! First TOWIE now this, what is going on? I blame Natalie. Finally, here's the winners pose from Saturday at the Bodypower.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Back to winning ways

Yesterday at the NEC in Birmingham I won the Over 50's Bodypower title for the second year running, 2 for 2 at Bodypower is an acheivment that anyone would be proud of. I must say a huge thank you to everyone from Golds who came along to help and support, especially Martin of course, who is featured in the two new videos that have already had hundreds of views in their first few days online (see last Thursdays blog for links). I said that whatever yesterdays result was I wouldn't do the UKBFF British finals this year but I do always say that the peoples comments mean more to me than the judges. Well yesterday so many people told me that this year will be my year in Nottingham that I will have to think carefully about whether or not to do it, it's not a bad problem to have I suppose!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

It never rains but it pours

Such a busy day but first a rant. Ken Clarke, you shouldn't just be sacked, someone should shove your hush puppies up your arse and then kick it into the street, what kind of an idiot are you?! Now, today, whilst at my most tired and depleted, I have received the photos from the NABBA show and two videos from the documentary people, one training and one posing, both filmed recently at Golds. Steve has only just got back from Corfu so I will ask him to upload the photos as soon as he can. Meanwhile, I, whilst being tormented by the smell of my carb up food cooking, have uploaded the videos to YouTube, here are the links, I'll report in on Sunday with the Bodypower result. Workout video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVo9ypWDztg Posing video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wv37-HhMXc

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

3 days from the Bodypower

All preparations are on course for my next competition at the Bodypower Expo at the NEC, Birmingham, on Saturday. I won there last year so if I can do it 2 years running that will be a great achievement. Whatever happens it should still be a great weekend, some of the guys from Golds are coming along to cheer me on which I really appreciate. Here's a link so that you can see what it's going to be like www.bodypowerexpo.co.uk Now, you will have heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger and the news that has broken about him having an affair and indeed a child with his housekeeper. Arnie has always been one of my heroes, but after all of this, well, he has in my book attained true legendary status!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

The spoils go to Manchester

An excellent day off today. I even went back to bed after doing morning cardio! Then a great afternoon of football, well done to both Manchester clubs, the deserved winners of their respective trophies. Meanwhile the not so mighty Tottenham are squabbling over 5th place after a poor season. We need a goalkeeper, a striker and a new manager, yes really! Preparation is going well for Saturday, I did have a slight panic over the fake tan but that's sorted now. I'm still waiting for the NABBA show video and photos but I have received one more picture which shows that my lower back and hamstrings were not tight enough. My hamstrings have always been a problem, my legs are big but the hamstrings just don't show. It used to drive my coach Eddie mad, he would have pulled his hair out if he had any!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The never ending diet....

Unbelievably, a three day rebound including Natalie's lasagne meant that by Tuesday night I weighed exactly a stone more than when I weighed in for the show the previous Saturday. So the hard dieting resumed at once and will now remain until after all of the upcoming shows. I don't mind feeling hungry all the time or even the tiredness, any excuse for an afternoon nap is great actually, but the constant aches and pains from my complaining body are becoming a lot to handle. Most of them I can ignore but my lower back, around the SI joint, where I am trying to make the "Christmas tree" that I had at the Universe last year reappear, is constantly hurting. Here's the first official photo from the NABBA show, you can be the judges, please let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A short rebound but so sweet

After the rigours of Saturday it was straight back to the gym on Monday but it made sense to have a few days of eating well before dieting hard again for the Bodypower show on May 21st. That culminated last night in my darling daughter Natalie coming over for the evening and cooking the best Lasagne I have ever tasted, which we shared along with a bottle of wine whilst catching up on our favourite TV show "The only way is Essex". For me, life doesn't get much better than that. Natalie has been the most important girl in my life ever since she was born just over 24 years ago and I can't see that ever changing, although after spending some time at the park with my Princess Lilybelle today she definitely has a challenger for the title.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Deja vu

Yesterday, in my first ever contest for NABBA, I came second in my class to Okon Gulutu (pictured). Okon is a massively experienced bodybuilder and one of the nicest guys on the circuit, he has competed for NABBA for the last 15 years in the Mr. classes but turned 50 a few weeks ago so decided to compete in my class, just my luck! It was an extremely close contest and we both competed very hard, many people thought that I had won but if I'm honest, although I was the biggest and heaviest I've ever been, I could have been a bit more ripped, so no complaints. On the plus side Okon has invited me to train with him at his gym in Cyprus the next time I'm there. The official show video is ordered so I will post a video and stills from that when it gets here, and as usual, I will let you people be the judges.