Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Tuesday 28th September

Well just when you think that everything is going too well something always goes wrong. Marc has spent the last 2 days in hospital with abdominal pains, they can't find anything wrong with him so they have sent him home and hopefully he will be well enough to resume light training tomorrow. It means that we will have to change his late prep but he looks so good that it shouldn't be a problem. Everyone says that I'm ready.....except Eddie of course, who has reduced my calories even further to bring my legs through more. The diet is hurting me but it's only for a matter of days now, and then it will be time to carb up, then I will be really ready. Still waiting for "Hulk" pictures from Caden's party but here's how I looked when I had just been painted green!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Friday 24th September

Had to laugh when I received an email from my old friend Leon Moore today. Leon runs http://www.wear2gym.co.uk/ and I am featured wearing one of his unique bodybuilding t shirts on his website gallery pages. The t shirts are very heavy duty and have great designs, although when I saw his latest creation I had to wonder where he got the inspiration, especially after the way I have been describing my leg workouts, but I'm absolutely sure it's just a coincidence. All is going well, the guys at Gold's say I'm about ready but I will see what Eddie says tomorrow. I'm the biggest and heaviest I've ever been for a competition and I'm more ripped and vascular than ever before so maybe even he will be pleased?!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wednesday 22nd September

Just a quick one today to say well done again to Mike Mullen, who won the UKBFF Midlands U90kg intermediates on Sunday, here is a picture as promised. Mike and I have been friends for about a year and he was already a competitive bodybuilder when I met him, so although we have done some bits together I can't take any of the credit for him looking like this, its all his own work. Next year we will be doing some bodybuilding work together and also going into an exciting business venture together, I can't wait!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tuesday 21st September

What a great weekend! Trained at Body Limits on Saturday & caught up with some old mates who were very complimentary. Then saw more old mates at the wedding of my good friends Danny & Lindsey, they are a lovely couple. Sunday was Cadens 3rd Birthday "superheroes" theme party, to get into character I had to paint my whole body, pictures to follow soon, but the kids all loved it, despite going home covered in green facepaint after cuddling "The Hulk" which was of course Cadens idea! Later that day my good friend and business partner (exciting news to come next year) Mike Mullen won the UKBFF Midlands U90kg intermediates, we are waiting for photos but he looked awesome. Even later, as predicted, Martin Duckett (pictured) deservedly won the BNBF British over 50's title, well done mate!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Thursday 16th September

Here's a quick update on "The magnificent 7". Luke Nicholls (100kg) The best legs in the gym are ready, the top half is one week away, awesome. Gaz Smith (Classic) Ripped as ever and ready. Julie Walsh (Ladies) Better than ever, ripped and ready. Henry Uko (70kg) Biggest and best he's been, ripped and ready. Marc Pugh (70kg) Just some water to come off, top half looks huge, will be hard to beat. Kevan Wilson (Over 50's) As picture shows, 3 kg to come off, quite normal for 3 weeks out, mostly water, mostly on legs. Finally, I am very confident that Martin Duckett will get the team off to a flyer by winning the BNBF over 50's British title on Sunday in Glasgow!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tuesday 14th September

Finally managed to make Marc quit on legs today. Whoever I am training with I never ask them to do anything that I don't do, so today we did an enhanced version of "the 300" which I found hard; but Marc actually collapsed on the last set. He rarely does legs with me at Golds so I have to punish him when he does, how I wish I could train him every day, he has such potential. With the news of Ricky Hatton succumbing to what I call "the national disease" swiftly following the Haye v Harrison joke you might think that British boxing is a mess, but it isn't, just take a look at Ricky Burns, who recently became the new World Super Featherweight champion, that will restore your faith in British boxing.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday 12th September

A hard day yesterday, mostly because it was exactly 10 years to the day that I lost my Mum. I spent some time at her grave yesterday, they say the passing of time makes it easier, they are wrong. I also spent some time with Eddie and he cheered me up, he says that I'm exactly where he wants me to be at 4 weeks out, for those of you that don't know Eddie, I should explain that this is as close as he gets to giving a major compliment! We made a slight modification to the diet and then today I saw my good friend Perry Knight and he gave me some useful advice too, so it's all looking good. Here's Colby with me feeding him an ice cream last week, I was very tempted to steal it I must admit!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wednesday 8th September

Just four more weeks of dieting left! In exactly four weeks time I will be carbing up which is actually worse than the diet as it makes you feel like you are pregnant for a couple of days while the muscles absorb all of the carbs. The diet is hurting all of the "Golds Gym magnificent seven" as I call us, yet we are all staying totally focused. As you know I like to use a topical joke whenever possible, this is made easy today by the news of David Haye's next fight. I'm a big fan of David's and have paid a lot of money to see him fight and it has been worth every penny, but he has let his fans down by asking them to finance the retirement of "Ordinary Audrey Harrison". I for one wont be paying £250 for the pleasure of seeing that particular joke.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Monday 6th September

A big day today! Went through everything with Marc and he is looking great. So great that I could have let him have an easy session today.... no chance! Made him throw up and it wasn't even legs day so mission accomplished! He does all of his important work at Golds and that's why he will be one of 7 people competing for my gym in Nottingham. I'm where I want to be too, as you can see from the pic Im still a bit smooth but after what happened in May I will be doing a long slow depletion starting in 10 days time followed by a mini carb up. So all in all, although I'm still over 17 stone, I'm happy with where I am at the moment, although I will see Eddie on Saturday so may have to retract that statement afterwards!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Friday 3rd September

So after the 300, the 500, that was this weeks hamstrings workout. My hamstrings have always been my weakest point, this is common in older bodybuilders, it's where we carry excess fat, but I have been working hard on them and they are already looking as good as they did in May but they have to go on at least one stage from there for Nottingham, hence the 500. Thats 25 sets of 20 reps, all heavy of course, but style and form, as ever, are more important than weight. Just 5 weeks to go now and tomorrows early morning weigh in will tell me if both Marc and I are still on target. Im sure that we are and I will get some new pics to post next week. Meantime here's the Princess with her Dad, my son Steve, who runs this website brilliantly, thanks mate!